‘Minisathkama’ is a non-profit charity project under InfinitiaLK. Our goal at ‘Minisathkama’ is to help the needy, feed the hungry and to protect our planet. Our team works closely to ensure that every dollar/rupee is accounted for and then provides evidence back to our donors. At InfinitiaLK, we donate 5% of our earnings from each project to ‘Minisathkama’. There are many more on-going projects, where anyone can join for free.

Are you willing to help the needy? Then join with us to make this world a better place. For further information, contact us.

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E-mail: info@infinitialk.com
Phone: +94 (076) 75 57 909
Phone: +94 (077) 62 62 003


Ulukade Junction,
Ganemulla 11020,
Sri Lanka.

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